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The "Digital Solutions Gallery™" Series


This unique and nationally acclaimed program is targeted toward high-end executives in the digital and/or operations leadership community.  It operates on the basis of collective engagement concerning issues of relevance and importance in the pursuit of digital value delivery within the modern enterprise. 


Co-founded and co-produced since 2003 with the internationally renowned IT futurist, Mr. Thornton A. May, the series provides a content-rich environment delivered through the active collaboration of three (3) distinct, but highly inter-connected program components;

                                                          -  Top tier corporate digital and operational leaders,

                                                         -  Strategic technology product/service providers, and

                                                         -  Select named universities.


Unlike more traditional product- or education-based sales events, this acclaimed program is designed to leverage knowledge and proven experience across the broader breadth of these participating components, as well as foster the added development of trusted relationships among them in a way that offers mutual benefits to all involved.


While centrally delivered out of The Ohio State University’s College of Engineering, components of this series have been co-hosted in nearly twenty cities across the country, and senior executives from hundreds of noted organizations have attended on a recurring basis.



The "CIO Relationship Bootcamp™" Series


Conducted through a contingent of acclaimed CIOs and CIO Emeriti, this program is designed to establish/improve provider-client relationships through better educating our provider clients regarding the motivations/values/habits of their targeted CIO and digital leadership market. 


Past programs have been developed for such companies as Microsoft, Sun Microsystems, Symantec, Veritas, Lawson Software, and Versign.


This program has also been used by a number of other noted companies to improve the internal relationships between their own technology organization and its own internal digital partners.

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